Divisions & Tournament Rules

Bloodfest7s was designed as a "fun for all" tournament with divisions ranging from premier teams to non-traditional 7s players. Today, some of the top teams in the country travel to Austin every summer to compete in Blooddfest 7s, but we still haven't lost our initial vision. Bloodfest7s continues the Austin Huns' big tent philosophy which invites everyone regardless of size, ability, or knowledge to come enjoy the sport of rugby.

View the playing regulations for each division on the drop down topics below.

Premier and Open

Both Premier and Open divisions are subject to World Rugby 7s Laws including roster policies and regulations as well as substitution laws.


Our social divisions goes a bit more relaxed on substitutes and rosters but frequently features some of our best kit designs in the tournament. Many college and non-competitive clubs choose our social division to come out and enjoy the experience of Bloodfest without having to take it too seriously.

  • Rolling subs

  • Unlimited roster sizes (but still only 7 on the field at a time)

Super Social

Super Social is the heart of Bloodfest 7s and has been one of our most popular divisions to watch based on the on and off field antics. Special 7s players deserve special variations, which are listed below. Of course, interpretation, and addition, is always up to the referee.

  • Rolling subs and unlimited roster.

  • Center the ball between the posts = 7 points, any other try = 5. No kicking for any points.

  • If a team goes up by 14 or more, the last player to score is "sin binned" in the center of the pitch. They may move within the 10 meter lines, but not past them either way. If they are in an offsides position due to this they may not impede play.

  • If a player under 200 pounds receives the ball on their half of the pitch they may not score. They must pass to another player or the sanction is a mid-field penalty (i.e. no break aways by skinny backs).

  • There are no ties. If there is a tie score at the end of regulation an off field contest must be agreed upon by each captain to decide the winner. Winning the contest = 5 game points.

  • Any team not maintaining the spirit of Super Social may be promoted to another bracket at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

High School Divisions

High school divisions are the most important divisions at Bloodfest 7s. This is the future of our great sport. High school brackets are growing every year.

Eligibility rules for players will be based on USA Rugby High School Competition Rules and Eligibility. Here are the main eligibility criteria for these divisions.

  • Players are eligible if they have reached the following age by the September 1st that occurs at the start of the school year.

    • 19U= 19 on or before September 1, 2021. If players were 20 on September 1, even if they were enrolled in high school, they would be ineligible.

    • 17U= 17 or less on or before September 1, 2021. If players were 18 before September 1, 2021 then they are not eligible for 17U.

  • Players must have attended class full time, as defined by the High School registrar, during the 2021-2022 school year.

Bloodfest 7s is proud to be a sanctioned event of USA Rugby. All competing teams must adhere to the policies as stated by USA Rugby and the Texas Rugby Union. For more information visit https://www.usa.rugby/club/.



  • No outside alcohol allowed on festival grounds. Bag and cooler checks will be performed at gates.

  • Tents in “Tent Area” only.

  • No warming up on fields without explicit permission from tournament staff. Please use common areas for warming up.

  • No pets other than guide animals.

  • No grills, generators, or drones permitted.

  • No smoking or tobacco products within the facility.

  • No golf carts or other motorized transport within the tournament gates.


  • KICKING; As directed by the referee prior to the game. However, whether from behind or in front, not retrieving a kicked ball that remains in the facility will be strictly enforced and will result in a free kick to the opposition. All teams should have a chaser.

  • UNIFORMS: Torn shirts or jerseys are not allowed. Players must leave the field and replace a jersey (similar to blood sub). Also, players must match, or come close to matching, to the discretion of the opposition and referee.

  • ROSTERS: Rosters are turned in prior to the tournament and reviewed at check in.

    • Premier rosters are set at the beginning of the day with 12 players and a 13th alternate.

    • Open and Social rosters are allowed movement during pool play but must be locked by playoffs.

    • Super Social is open as long as everyone is recorded somewhere on a roster.

  • POOLS: The Tournament Director has the right to move a team up or down a division to maintain competitiveness for playoffs.

  • SEEDING: Pools are seeded by prior performance this 7s season (if available). All seedings are determined by the Tournament Director and are final. Playoff pools will be seeded by points earned in pool play (if applicable):

    • 3 points for a win. 2 points for a draw. 1 point for a loss. 0 points for a no-show.

  • ROUND ROBIN: If the bracket or playoff pool is a round robin style then each team will play the other once with points based on the system described above.

  • SUPER SOCIAL: Special law variations are in place for our super social division under the drop down above.

  • TIE BREAKERS: (1) head-to-head; (2) point differential during pool play; (3) total points scored during pool play; (4) coin toss. Playoff games may not end in a tie. Additional 7 minute periods will be played with sudden death.

  • SUBS:

    • Premier and Open- Five (5) subs maximum. 12 player roster set at check in (13th alternate allowed for injury).

    • High School- Five subs maximum per game. 12 player roster can be set for each game.

    • Social and Super Social- Open subs allowed at stoppages.


Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated by players, coaches, or spectators.

Referee abuse will not be tolerated by players, coaches, or spectators.

Offending parties may be removed from the facility at the discretion of tournament hosts.